In love, he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will......
Ephesians 1:5

Monday, November 29, 2010

Road to Special Needs...

Looks like Matthew spread the news today that I now have a blog about adoption!!  I'm glad because I really love hearing from people who have adopted or who want to learn more about it!  Today, I thought I would tell you some about how we were led to think about special needs adoption.  I told you about the wait being close to four years, so naturally you might think that is why we looked into special needs.  And in part it is!  But that is DEFINITELY NOT the reason to think about adopting a child with special needs!  But when we began looking at those children who are already waiting for a family, it started to become really difficult for me think about them all staying in China in an orphanage with NO family!  The greatest thing I have ever read about special needs adoption was on the blog of another mom who has adopted 5 times from China.  She said that when her family began looking at special needs children, they realized that the BIGGEST special need a child has is a family!  SO true!  God is still molding our hearts and preparing our family to find out who will be that special baby for us!  Please pray that we will have the faith in God we need to wait on Him and that the perfect child for our family will soon be in our arms and an orphan no more!

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  1. Well Charity and Matthew - this is so interesting to me because I am the mother of not only a special needs child but I am also the mother of a child I adopted. That part is a long story that does not need to be told here. All I can say is that both of these people have made my life worth everything. I would not change a thing and feel that they are both mine in the exact same way. God Bless you both and don't worry about the money. It is a very personal thing, I am surprised you said anything, and it will come. Example: Steve's sermon on Sunday.

    I will be able to help you through the piles of paperwork that it takes to help a special needs child also. Love, Pam